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Build Indoor Scuba Diving setup in India with Adventure Setups

We have a great bunch of water sports enthusiasts across India! Our combined experience and knowledge makes us the go-to scuba diving. Experts for a successful scuba diving setup in india. Don't hesitate to contact us with your GearUp questions!

Indoor scuba diving tanks can be created under the specialized guidance of our team of Scuba Diving Architects and Engineers to ensure maximum safety and minimum risk. The scuba diving pool can be of minimum 8 feets depth and can further extend to ideally 20 feets, depending on the skills of the diver and the adrenaline gush the user is seeking for.

We have the best brand names in scuba diving equipment in india, snorkeling, freediving, spearfishing, swimming and paddle board equipment. We carry products like Dive Computers, scuba wetsuits, spearguns, scuba regulators, snorkle masks, scuba BCDs, scuba fins, rash guards and more for a great scuba diving setup in india.

Construction of scientifically designed and built indoor Scuba Diving tank, scuba diving setup in India high quality scuba diving equipment in india by Adventure Setups.

  • Amusement Parks, Entertainment Zones, Large Real Estate Townships
  • Large Resorts, Forests, Natural Trails, Out of City Locations
  • Adventure Camps
  • Can be combined with multiple other activities in one tower eg. Rope Activities can be added
  • Unique Activity in India
  • Adaptable Setup Cost

Minimum: 2 000 ft

1-10 At A Time

  • Auto Cat Design with estechchar Approval
  • All Mechanical Engineering Work
  • All civil Engineering work
  • Land Layout
  • Galvanized Steel Cable
  • All Rope Course Elements
  • Service tax 12.36%
  • Auto Belay Systems

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