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The Choice of Professionals for A Perfect Paintball setup in India

From the business perspective paintball setup in india offers a tremendous investment to return ratio if you are looking for the Paintball setup in india Given its low setup cost, the hourly venue of a well-marketed Paintball field in india can generate very good revenue and can makes it a staples adventure activity at most modern Adventure Zones and Entertainment Parks.

How to set up a paintball field setup in india?

Having run India’s most successful Paintball setup in india, StayOut Adventure brings comprehensive expertise to any Paintball project, and can provide a complete turnkey solution for a successful paintball setup in india whether it will be paintball clothing, markers, paintball bunkers, paintball netting, Adventure Setups bring you the best paintball setup in india. We have the best paintball field designer in india and well known paintball manufacturer in india:

Constant Innovation: We consider Innovation as one of our strengths, and dedicate extensive resources, keeping abreast of the latest developments and trends in Paintball field setup from across the world to brings you the best innovative pantball setup in india.

Equipment Procurement and Paintball Field Setup: All equipment, from the Guns themselves, markers, paintball clothing, air bunkers, paintball netting, mobile paintball field setup in india, mobile inflatable bunker paintball field setup in india, to field infrastructure like obstacles, to safety gear can be sourced from us. Depending on the requirement, these can be imported or sourced from within India.

A Wide Selection of Paintball Netting Options

We believe that you should be able to choose the type of net that’s right for you: black, white, ultraviolet, hybrid, heavy, light, flame retardant…we’ve got it all for a perfect paintball netting.

Staff Training and Technical Know-how : Our Paintball field setup team of skilled professional carry an experience that they would love to share and bring abreast your team.

Maintenance and Servicing: Paintball field setup Maintenance and servicing can be provided on request.

Construction of scientifically designed, manufactured, building and installation of Paintball arena, bunkers, netting, paintball field setup in India by Adventure Setups. Consult with our best paintball field designer in india and paintball field manufacturer in india for a successful paintball setup in india.

  • Amusement Parks, Entertainment Centers
  • Large Real Estate Townships, Resorts
  • Corporate Complexes, Adventure Camps
  • Excellent ROI
  • Low Cost of Setup<

6000 Sq.ft and More

6-20 At A Time

  • All Equipment and Markers
  • All Landscaping
  • All obstacle
  • 20 guns with all equipments

Service tax 14.5%

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