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What life demands is nothing but individual growth, growth as a human being that result in our own evolution within and make us genderless, religion less, culture less. The more we challenge our limits the more we become non-judgmental and our perspective to see the world changes. When you accept the change and let it fill you with the experience, it helps you alter your belief and become a better person altogether. After all growing is not just about leading a financially successful life but touching the unknown, and live to fill us with that freshness, breathe that free air and see the growth within for which we struggle so hard.

But, in today’s fast pace life style how much scope do we have to actually take that breather from our fixed routines, just shut off our mobile phones, let go what the office would think or if the business would still run smoothly in your absence. The solution is in bringing nature at your home, in you garden, park, apartment, amusement park, hotel, or resort. Think of creating a personal play ground to enjoy the same excitement and thrill in the comfortable and secure atmosphere of your own premise. So while you work you can still have fun with your family the same evening in the surrounding that you prefer most.

At Adventure Setups our mission is to provide a well-structured, planned Adventure setups andequipmentsthat matches the International standards of quality, safety, and scientific research to enhance the overall experience ensuring a jaw dropping moment at an affordable price. At Adventure Setups our aim is at providing end to end set up solutions to our customers for whom we are responsible towards.

The number five has a special significance in our lives. We experience the five elements playing together in harmony to present this enormous existence through these five senses which surprises us with its diversity every moment. Whether it is land, water or air we excel in all these dimensions to fill your five senses giving you an adventure experience that is more than one could gasp. Watching the snowcapped mountains in TV and realizing its magnanimity by your own eyes is a completely different experience that shook you from your very core.

We are suppliers of adventure setups& activityequipment. Whether it is for installation ofHuman Slingshot, Bowling Alley Equipments, Arcade Games, Family Entertainment Centres, Kids Entertainment Centres, or Amusement Rides we have a collection of all sorts of outdoor and indoor involvement gadgets to match your understanding of thrill. You name it and we have it.

Today almost every corporate small or big and Schools want to give their employees, children an outdoor experience, an external medium to learn while they play. If not for a long term adventure setups can be arranged for a temporary time frame for schools and corporate as a program of 4-5 days or as per the requirements of the client.

We are experienced in the setup of fully planned and strategically measured adventure setups at your Family Entertainment Centres and Playgrounds.

To meet client requirements by ensuring high quality product delivery at affordable prices that valuespriceless moments.

Our Setups not only helps you to switch off from your daily routine to find your exhaust, and relive the child in you but through challenging you fears, it rebuildsyour self-confidence, Perseverance/ and Go getter attitude. As you cannot think anything else while enjoying extreme sports thus it leads to enhanced Self-Awareness (identifying weaknesses and challenging them) and thus resulting in Building stress tolerance/ frustration tolerance.
Amusement Parks, Entertainment Centers,Large Real Estate Townships, Resorts,Corporate Complexes, Adventure Camps Malls In a country where adventure sports is still at a nascent stage, AdventureSteupscombines many years of commercial adventure experience with an intricate understanding of adventure equipment to help solve your adventure setup and equipment requirements.

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manish singhal
Yuvraj Gupta
A competent professional with over 15 years of significant experience in Corporate Sales, Strategy Planning, Business Development, Marketing and Product Promotions.
pankaj kanojia
Pankaj Kanojia
Highly motivated and talented Adventure Professional with over 22 years of Hands on experience in the Industry. Have setup adventure activities at over 100 places.
Saurabh Shanker Singh
Saurabh Shanker
A Growth Hacker with over 20 years experience in the field of information technology, electronic communication, advertising & digital marketing

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With over 15 years of corporate and adventure experience.