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Expert Remote control car track Building in india

From the business perspective RC remote controlled cars india offers a tremendous investment to return ratio if you are looking for the Remote control car track Building and Desiging india Given its low setup cost, the hourly venue of a well-marketed RC remote controlled cars india can generate very good revenue and can makes it a staples adventure activity at most modern Adventure Zones and Entertainment Parks.

At the Mall of Adventure, India’s biggest Adventure Mall we have created a remote controlled car track made which is a miniature of Sao Paulo Formula 1 track. This remote controlled car track offers features set to challenge a beginner and an expert likewise.

In a range of RC remote controlled cars india, we have extreme performance buggies all of which are 4×4 battery operated and are capable of attaining speeds over 80 kms/hr in less than 4 seconds. On the other hand, we have Nitro fuel powered 1:6 replicas of formula 1 cars and baja’s which are known for their performance and speed.

All participants stand on a 15’ high remote controlled car track platform from where they navigate the remote control for their remote control cars and are given a briefing on how to operate remote control cars before starting the game. Though adults are welcome to participate but, this game is basically dedicated for the Kids below the age of 10 years.

We specialize and have the right team in creating such unique Remote control car track that also perform scientifically at turns and slopes. It would be our privilege to help you create your own Remote control car track and incorporate this experience as a part of your daily leisure.

Expert Construction of scientifically designed, manufacturing of rc remote controlled cars india installation, remote control car track building in india By Adventure setups.

  • Amusement Parks, Entertainment Zones, Large Real Estate Townships
  • Forests Resorts
  • Adventure Camps
  • Low Cost Activities
  • Very Little Space Required
  • Can Share Infrastructure with other Activities

Less Then 2500 Sq.ft

  • All Equipment and Markers
  • All Landscaping
  • All obstacle
  • 20 guns with all equipments

Service tax 14.50%

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